NoFire Paints is  Ghana’s largest stockists of fire retardant paints. It is perfect for application to walls, steel, aluminum, wood and wood products, and all types of composites. Our non-toxic formulations comply with the most stringent requirements for flame spread, smoke production, toxic emissions and heat release – even at extreme temperatures in excess of 1000° C.

  • Available in all Colors
  • It provides a Highly Durable Flat Finish
  • Helps prevent flashover
  • Anti fungal and Mould resistant
  • NOFIRE Paint stops flame and fire from spreading
  • Non-Hazardous/Non-Toxic and environmental Friendly
  • Water base – Easy clean up with water



Most Economical Fire Retardant Paint

NoFire paint is a fireproof or fire retardant paint that will stop any fire and prevent it from spreading. It belongs to a class known as Intumescents, that activates and expands when exposed to fire or heat.

Green Technology Environmentally safe

Water Base, Non-Toxic; Certified GREEN by Master Paint Institute (MPI); Less than 1 part per billion off-gassing in dry state; Low VOC content (2.2 g/liter); Contains NO halogens, hazardous chemicals, solvents or asbestos.

Durability, Environmental,Health & Safety Features

Resists Moisture, High Humidity and Aging; Durability, Flexibility, Impact Resistance; Resists Rust, Exudate Formation; Resists Growth of Mold, Fungus; Resists Bacterial Growth; Ease of Application; Low Smoke, Toxic Products of Combustion; Low VOC


We are dedicated to providing the Ultimate Solutions in Fire Protection Systems for Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Real Estate, Construction, Markets, Filling stations, Military, Maritime,Transportation and much more.



  • Nofire LP1 1Gallon

    140.00 100.00

    Nofire LP, LP1 are not designed to be used for hydrocarbon or jet fires, NoFire LP's fire performance under standard…

  • Nofire A18 1Gallon

    280.00 200.00

    NoFire A-18 is a classified product by Underwriters Laboratories. It complies with the Uniform Building Code requirements and exceeds standards…

  • Nofire A18 5Gallon

    1,400.00 1,000.00
    5.00 out of 5

    NoFire A-18 paint is the standard used for all land based civilian applications including residential, commercial and industrial uses. It…

  • Nofire LP1 5Gallon

    700.00 500.00

    A New addition to NoFire's line of high quality, environmentally safe coatings, formulated to compete in today's lower priced and residential market places.