Since 1987, NoFire Technologies, Inc. has been a pioneer and the leader in the development of non-toxic, environmentally friendly, high performance, fire-retardant Paints (coatings) and textile wrap systems (S-Barrier), leading to numerous patents – related to our intumescent technology and other passive fire protection technologies and solutions.

NoFire Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures the highest performance, non-toxic and environmentally safe Fire-Retardant Paint, Products and Systems using the most advanced technology available worldwide.

We lead  in the development and manufacture of patented products and technologies that increases the effectiveness of fire protection to meet all requirements.

We manufacture our products and systems using the highest quality ingredients, and according to strict guidelines, rigorous quality assurance and standards to serve our clients with Fire-Retardant Paints (Coatings), Products, Technology and Systems that provide the “ultimate solution in Fire Prevention and Fire-fighting” in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Maritime, Nuclear and Military applications worldwide.

Nofire Products substantially STOPS FIRE, reduces and or eliminates the potential for “FLASHOVER” in a structural fire, and effectively increases the “FIRE RESISTANCE” of many materials and or surfaces (e.g. Wood, Concrete, Composites, Plastics, Ceilings, Bulkheads etc.), preventing, eliminating and mitigating the devastating effect and collateral damage caused by Fire to Installations, Buildings and Properties.

NoFire Paints (coatings) belong to a class of materials called INTUMESCENTS, which means the paint activates, foams and expands in size (up to about 50 times its original dry film thickness) when it comes into contact with fire or heat that burns at a minimum temperature of 2000C.

When Nofire Paint comes in to contact with fire or heat at temperatures above 2000C, the paint activates, forming “a thermally insulating and fire-retarding carbonaceous char or foam which acts as a Protective Shield or Barrier between the Fire and the Material or Coated Surface” that can retard the propagation and effect of the fire and help coated materials or surfaces to retain their strength in the event of a fire.

Nofire Paints (coatings) can intumesce up to several (50) times their original thickness, thus extending the time it takes for materials to reach their critical failure temperatures. This extra time allows a facility’s occupants more than enough time to escape or evacuate while enhancing the ability of fire fighters to bring a fire under control (if needed) and save the asset from structural failure.

NoFire Paint (coating) is like ordinary latex paints in appearance and application to a surface, is certified GREEN, it is environmentally safe, and it is easy to apply with ordinary equipment (e.g. Roller, Brush and by Spraying). It effectively adheres to many surfaces and provides a durable and long-lasting flat finish.

NoFire’s proprietary products are covered under eleven (11) U.S.A and PCT patents and patents pending on fire retardant intumescent coatings, fire retardant wraps, and fire-retardant systems for nuclear, military, maritime, residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications. In addition, the NoFire Products have been certified and approved according to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirements for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), U.S. Coast Guard, Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), U.S. Navy and various Military standards, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (“NRC”), American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”), and American Society for Testing and Materials (“ASTM”) guidelines (among many others).

Nofire Products provide passive fire protection: that is, they have no moving parts, require no maintenance, and do not fail in activating as could happen to sprinkler systems and other active firefighting systems. NoFire Paints/Coatings work to contain, Retard, Stop and Prevent the spread of fires. It Retards the conditions that would permit a localized fire to erupt into a large or uncontrolled fire, which occurs in all structural fires – a condition known as “FLASHOVER”.

Industries that currently use NoFire coatings include Civilian, Maritime, Military, Ships and Land vehicles, Nuclear Power Plants, Construction, Electrical, Commercial and Industrial Properties, Wood Products and Manufacturing, Government, Public and Private Housing, Hotels, Automotive, Railway, and Airports etc.

Typical applications of Nofire Paint includes Homes, Offices, Banks, Strong Rooms, Factories, Electrical rooms, Power Substations, Server rooms, UPS rooms, Data Centers, Generator Rooms, Engine Rooms, Chemical Stores, Paint Stores, AC Rooms, Flammable Chemical & Fuel Holding Tanks, Electricity Poles, Electrical Cables, Wooden Structures, Steel Structures, Fiberglass, Fiberboard, Ceilings, Bulk-Heads, Composites, Escape Routes, Fire prone areas in buildings, installations, facilities etc.

“NoFire does everything ordinary paint does,,,
except burn!”



Nofire paint is your approved and best choice for the beautification of your walls, home and properties and at the same time protecting them from FIRE and related collateral damage.


Nofire paint comes in all colours.


Nofire paint is very durable,  provides superior adhesion to almost all surfaces, resists mold and fungus and is warranted for 25 years when applied indoors whether as a primer or finished coat.